115 Upper McKinley: Rent To Own Condo in Taguig City.



  1. WISE INVESTMENT- The value of its unit appreciates over time.
  1. ADVANTAGE OF PROPERTY OWNERSHIP- Ownership transfer is smooth and immediate.
  1. UNPARALLELED AFTER- SALES SERVICE-Our quality services are a testament of our long lasting devotion to excellence.
  1. HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE- Materials used are of high caliber, coupled with a prompt and excellent maintenance service.
  1. TOP-NOTCH AMENITIES- Whether it’s a pool, a park or a gym, each facility will please every owner’s interest.
  1. LUXURY OF COMFORT- Moving in to your new home has never been this easy.
  1. PRESTIGE LIVING- Our free interior design services let you decide how luxurious your unit can get.
  1. LIFESTYLE CONVENIENCE- ‘RFO’ units are located in Megaworld townships, so all your needs are within reach.
  1. GUARANTEED SECURITY- Excellent service won’t be complete without the utmost security.
  1. CLEAN AND HEALTHY LIVING- Surrounded by lush greenery, the development recreates that fresh, ambient feel in an urban setting.
  1. PRIME LOCATIONS- Location really matters, so we’ve built our properties only in Metro Manila’s premiere spots.


  • Convenience
  • Protection & Peace of Mind
  • Added Value Services
  • Ready For Occupancy (RFO) with Lease to Own Terms
  • Free Interior Design Services
  • Leasing and Resale
  • Management Services


You will be given the free hand to personalize your future condo unit/s with the help of professional in-house stylists and interior designers. If you have an interior design in mind for your newly-bought RFO unit, we can make it happen. Rather, you may choose from the various designs that the group is offering: Zen, Contemporary, Victorian, Filipino, Industrial, and the newly introduced Balinese, Classic Chic, Modern Eclectic, among others.

115 Upper McKinley Paint Design

garden-villas-115 115 Upper McKinley: Rent To Own Condo in Taguig City.

McKinley Hill

Experience a taste of European living in the tropics. Megaworld’s largest township development in Metro Manila, McKinley Hill, is the perfect LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN-SHOP community with a land bank of 50 hectares (500,000 square meters) in Fort Bonifacio. Inspired by cities in Italy and Spain, McKinley Hill brings to the Philippines the sophisticated culture of Southern Europe. Exuding beauty, class, and elegance at every turn, its unique Mediterranean design accommodates all the elements of a holistic life. And with its constant value appreciation and profitability, McKinley Hill is among the metro’s most exciting venues for investment.

McKinley Hill’s unique lifestyle takes full advantage of Megaworld’s 25 years of experience in innovative township development. A complete community, McKinley Hill combines a dynamic environment with a relaxed and laid-back vacation atmosphere to create a one-of-a- kind experience found nowhere else.

Upper McKinley: Rent To Own Condo in Taguig City.

McKinley Hill is a 50-hectare globally-inspired complete township community in Fort Bonifacio. It features Spanish and Italian architecture, bringing to Manila the spirit of the Mediterranean. Here, one will find structures reminiscent of renowned European landmarks, grandiose Venetian arts and design, and picturesque Florentine courtyards.

Underneath its South European façade however, McKinley Hill proves to be a true melting pot of east and west. Bringing together global diversity and the Philippine elite, the township hosts such international institutions as the embassies of Great Britain, Korea and the United Arab Emirates, and also the Chinese International School Manila, Korean International School Philippines and the prestigious culinary and hospitality academy, Enderun Colleges. In addition, the community boasts a restaurant strip featuring an impressive range of foreign cuisines and an upcoming mall to host a multitude of global brands.

Mckinley hill entrance

In office development, the township’s PEZA-accredited cyber park features grade-A office buildings including the country’s first LEED Gold-Certified building for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. More than 60 multinational companies currently hold their offices in the township with approximately 55,000 employees.

The township is also home to the country’s first world-class football field – The Emperador Stadium. This 15,000-square meter stadium has a seating capacity of more than 2,000 and uses FIFA certified providers.

Finally, and most essential: McKinley Hill has approximately 34 premium condominiums and a 10-hectare residential village. These properties have had an average annual value appreciation rate of 15 percent. Surpassing this figure, the McKinley Hill Village has appreciated over 228% in the 10 years since its launch.

A global township and complete community, McKinley Hill employs Megaworld’s signature development concept: LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN and SHOP. In summary, it includes premier residential developments, top-grade office towers, diverse leisure facilities, international academic institutions, and in 2015, a high-end commercial center featuring the Philippines’ first man-made grand canal.


A setting that celebrates the arts and encourages cross-cultural discovery and exploration, McKinley Hill introduces to Manila a destination where world citizens can meaningfully converge. With its complete community, global character and modern lifestyle facilities, McKinley Hill is where the world unfolds.


115 Upper McKinley

Nothing comes close to European city living than 115 Upper McKinley. The landmark residential complex is situated in the exclusive McKinley Hill township in Fort Bonifacio. With a maximum of four units per floor in each of the four-storey clusters, the low-density development in Mediterranean Revival style recalls the architecture of the Spanish low-rise along the coasts of the Levante and Costa del Sol. Having an exterior that includes clay-tiled roofs, balconies with belly picket railings, and finishing in Tuscan colors, the look and the impact are unmistakably from South of Spain.

With a maximum of four units per floor in each of the five-storey buildings, the low-density development in Mediterranean Revival style recalls the architecture of the Spanish low-rises along the coasts of the Levante and Costa del Sol. Having an exterior that includes clay-tiled roofs, balconies with belly picket railings, and finishing in Tuscan colors, the look and the impact are unmistakably the South of Spain.

But it is in the interiors where the spirit of the Spanish Mediterranean country living is alive. The primary unit is a swank 2-bedroom residence that sprawls with 100 square meters of space and high ceilings, truly a luxury in this megalopolis. Its welcoming foyer leads to a grand central dining and living area, which form the axis of this princely home.

Owners can serve their sumptuous meals perhaps on a rustic Spanish vineyard table or a more formal dining set with high backrest chairs. In the living room, they can gather and chat with dinner guests around a cocktail table and entertain them to their heart’s delight till the late hours of the evening. For a quick breath of fresh air, they only need to step through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and walk to the attached balcony where they can admire the starlit Fort Bonifacio skyline.

On either side of the living area are the two cozy bedrooms where owners and their children can escape to a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. Each are fitted with mounted modular cabinets and wood laminate floorings, making it more convenient for immediate move-ins. Both have adjacent deluxe bathrooms, while the lavish master’s bedroom is provided with its very own spacious walk-in closet.

115 Upper McKinley

115 Upper McKinley

Mckinley Town Center, Fort Bonifactio, Taguig City

Unit Types:

2 Bedroom (130 sqm)

3 Bedroom (180 sqm)

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Special Features:

  • Mediterranean Revival style-inspired arcitecture
  • Function Rooms
  • Pool Lounge
  • Changing rooms
  • Children’s playground
  • Covered walkways
  • Clubhouse

Prime location at Fort Bonifacio

Mckinley hill development plan

Amenities and building features:


115 Upper McKinley Lease to own


Days to process Documents needed to comply to move in
1 Reservation
2-15 CTBS, Taxes and Fees & Down Payment
16-30 Punch list, MIC/Turn over

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