Beach and Agricultural Properties for Sale in Mindoro Occidental

Property for Sale in Occidental Mindoro

The island property beckons with a beautiful beach and nature at its pristine best. Though these are raw lands, infrastructure developments position this property as “a great buy” that will rise in value soon. This offers bright prospects across various industries: tourism, hospitality, agriculture, horticulture, and housing, among others. More Information on the Property : Total Land Area : 36 hectares ( 360,132 sq. m.) Beachfront : 5.3 hectares ( 53,111 sq. m.) Interior : 30.7 hectares ( 307,021 sq m.) Country : Philippines Province : Mindoro Town : Udalo, Occidental Weather : Dry from Nov. to Apr and wet for the rest of the year. Zoning : Agricultural Land Power : Alternative (Occidental Mindoro Electrical Company-OMECO) Water : Artesian wells, underground springs Sewer : Septic or Alternative System Road Access : Backside Property – Yes, with the circumferential road to be completed by May 2018 Beachfront Property : Not accessible by foot. 30 minutes from the road Property Tax : P 6,515.60 for interior and P 3,510.60 for beachfront Climate : Average temperature ranges from 26 to 32 °C (79 to 90 °F). The province experiences maximum rainfall during the months of June to October. Type of Terrain : Rugged with mountains, hills and with coastal lowlands. Forest Trees : Narra, acacia, mahogany, tanguile, anapla Road : One feeder road provides access for carabao-drawn carts and motocross bikes to transfer produce and cargoes to markets . It starts from the welcome arc and directs one to the property. Footpaths : Mangyans, the indigenous people, made narrow trails that are passable only by people, horses, and carabaos. Mountain trekkers use these trails. Water Bodies : The beach is undefiled. Three rivers pass through the interior property : Kamarugayan river, Bugtong river, and Mayaas river. The surrounding mountains and hills provide the plains with rivers and numerous springs that make the lowlands soil fertile. One can drink potable water by just digging a shallow hole along the sandy riverbank. Clean water gushes out that campers may use to drink and cook with.


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