Bita-og Beach, Dinagat Islands, Philippines.


Bitaog Beach is one of the best places in summer to go in Dinagat Islands, Bitaog is affluent of natural possessions, its fine white beach, stunning mountain rock that are forming attractively,  it is situated in the small island called Lalaking Bukid .  It is being called Lalaking bukid because the mountain island forming exactly as a man lying or resting.


In Dinagat Island, you can also find the Babaeng bukid or a female mountain located at the northern part of the island, it forms perfectly like a woman lying in bed with a very beautiful curvature of its nose and a perfect shape of its head. It’s a very tall mountain view.  It can also be seen when you are in lalaking bukid.

How to get there:

When you are coming from Manila, you may take a plane through Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines bound to Surigao City. Fare ranges from P3,000 to P4,500.  Regular fare is 3k plus because the 4.5k is usually during holidays and summer time or when there’s an international surfing event in Siargao. There’s another route which is cheaper, take any plane that will be landing to Butuan city the neighboring city of Surigao.  Butuan is a regional city of Caraga region, there’s a lot of planes there and it has cheaper fare than Surigao flights fare can be cheaper as low as from P2,000 to P3,000 considering that Surigao is a tourist destination the “surfing capital of the Philippines” when you try to weight the fare difference its more likely to have more than a thousand between the two cities flights,.. from Butuan Airport ride a multicab going to Butuan city terminal, fare is P25.00 then from there ride a Bachelor air-conditioned bus going to Surigao  city, fare is P198.00 as of 2015, when you get there in Surigao City, proceed to pier dos, they also call it boulevard there’s a lot of   ferries there to board you to San Jose, Dinagat Islands, please note that Bitaog Beach is located at Lalaking Bukid and there’s no hotel or apartment there to rent out and the nearest town in Bitaog is San Jose, the capital town of Dinagat Islands province. You may ask someone at port that can tell you about what boat should you take to get there in San Jose, or find the following boats: News MPC, Sea Horse, Regenky or Super love Boat, these boats are all going to San Jose Dinagat Islands, make sure to be at the boat before 4 o’clock in the afternoon, trips will simultaneously departs from Surigao Port from 12noon up to 4 o’clock only the last trip. The trip will take one and half hour to get to San Jose, when you get there make sure to find an apartment or hotel, in San Jose you can find hotels, inn or apartments, there are lots to choose from, one of the hotels I would recommend is Maribao Hotel  it’s one of the known hotel in town. You’ll need a hotel to stay because there’s no hotel or accommodation in the Island, hotel price is reasonable and within budget.

When travelling to island make sure you’ll go there in the morning to maximize the time, first thing to do is to roam around the port and ask someone to bring you to Bitaog Beach island, it is 30-45 minutes away from San Jose Port by the small boat, the price is P200 one way good for up to 10 persons.


The boat will stay with you until you are done with your beach swimming. Also please be reminded to bring your foods, buy all things you’ll need for swimming including personal uses in San Jose because there’s no canteen and store in the Bitaog beach island.  Beach can accommodate night swimming, payment of the same cottage and price maybe extend up to 24 hours, you can stay there at night but you only have cottage to stay no room to sleep at. Beer can be bought there at the cottage’s owner, price of beer is 25% mark-up than the store price.

The price of the cottage is very much cheaper:

  • P400 good for up to 10 persons
  • P500 good for up to 15 persons
  • P600 good for up to 20 persons.

What do to there?

When you are in the island, you can take pictures of the vicinity places, the mountain rock around the islands and the plane white sands, I remember before my friend tells me that I was in Palawan upon seeing my post since it has a very nice view, sceneries and perfect for summer. Seems you are in El Nido Palawan.

Snorkeling is also the best thing to do in the island, the crystal clear seawater that allows you to see the abundance of the sea. If you are a type of person who likes rock climbing you can also have it there.

Island tour, you can ask the boat owner to tour you around the island but additional charges may be apply depending on the places you would want to visit.  There are lots of caves at the side of the island just inform the boat to tour you around.

Before going home, don’t forget to visit the PBMA Shrine, PBMA’s mansion, and the White Castle up above the mountain since you’re within San Jose and also to maximize your vacation and experience at the island. When you are at these places you’ll have the chance to see the entire island since these places are located at the very top of the mountain, smell the fresh air and the far eagle-eyed around the island, take a look at the sunset or sunrise and meet the very hospitable people in the place, you may surprise of their kindness and hospitality 

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