BORACAY, is one of the finest tourist destinations in the Philippines. Well known of its vast white sand, crystal clear seawater and a beautiful sunset, perfect for family’s getaway and summer adventures. Boracay has been known for everyone in the country and even in the entire world as top beach destination. Boracay is also famous for being one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation. It is also emerging among the top destinations for tranquility and nightlife. In 2012, Boracay was awarded as the best island in the world from the international travel magazine Travel+Leisure.

How to get there:

If you’ll be coming from Manila, there are two options to get there:  first is to travel by plane through Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines, and the second is by land or Roro. When flying an airplane, buy a ticket of any jet courier that will be flying to Caticlan Airport, please note that Boracay has no airport and Caticlan is the landing point and the nearest airport near Boracay Island. 

Travelling by Land; when you’re coming from Metro Manila, take a cab going to bus terminal that will take you to Batangas Port. There are many buses that will get you to Batangas Port but I would suggest to ride Batangas Express Bus, this bus has a convenient and comfortable chairs, this can be found besides LRT Gil Puyat  Station, Pasay City. Fare is P168 one way as of 2015, and it will take you approximately three (3) hours to get to Batangas Port via South Luzon Expressway.

Before going to Batangas Port, make sure you have purchased your Roro Ticket via online, you can book your ticket through online here. Price of the Roro ticket is P996 for economy that includes meal in the evening but excluded of the bed linen. Based on experienced, 2GO is the only ship that will carry you to Caticlan Port the nearest port to Boracay Island. Also, make sure to get to Batangas Port in the afternoon because the ship will depart from port at 7 o’clock in the evening and will arrive in Caticlan the following day at 7 o’clock in the morning that’s approximately 12 hours navigation the whole night at the sea.

If you want to arrive fast in Boracay, take a plane but if you’re not in hurry and would want to enjoy exploring some other places in the Philippines, I would suggest you will take a land and sea trip. Because it is cheaper compare to plane and you will also have a chance to see some other places in the country that you will never experience taking on the plane.


In the ship, you will experience the breeze of the sea, the bar, beer, and the dancing hall at night, you will have more time to relax and enjoy yourself by taking part of these trip activities.

You will also experience seeing the nearby islands that have been passing through the ship, the calmness of the sea and also its abundant by nature. You will also have a chance to meet new friends that are also on board in the ship, who are also travellers; there might be a chance to share your experiences during conversation and meet some explorer and some photographers around the world.


The ship will be ducking the Caticlan Port, the same port wherein you will be transferred to ferry that will transport you to Boracay Island. In Caticlan Port, you will not be directly transfer to the boat heading to Boracay, you have to exist first from the Port and then use another entrance towards ticketing office bound for Boracay Island, in order to buy a ticket, you must have first to buy a terminal fee which is P100 pesos, the environmental fee P75 pesos and ferry fare of P25 pesos, there could have been P200.00 expenses in order to have yourself aboard on the boat towards Boracay proper.


Once you get to Boracay port, the only means of transportation there is tricycle, not a common tricycle that you may have found in the Metro Manila, a unique one, unless you have booked a hotel that have cars that will fetch you from jetty port.  

In our trip, we booked our hotel at Crown Regency Boracay, they have an excellent accommodation and services, a very nice hotel positioned in the center of Boracay Island attractions situated in Station #2.

What to do:

There are lots of things to do in Boracay:

Here are the following details of Boracay’s activities:

  • Island Hopping -1,300 PHP per Person


  • Crystal Cove Island All In One Stop Package- 1,900 PHP per Person


  • Glass Bottom Boat- 750 PHP per Person



  • Cable Car and Zipline- 1,300 PHP per Perso

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  • ATV 1,250 PHP per unit rental (good for 1 person)


  • Buggy Car-1,900 PHP per unit rental (good for 2 persons)


  • Reverse Bungy- 1,600 PHP per Person (minimum of 2 persons)



  • Scuba Diving- 3,000 PHP per Person

scuba diving














  • Helmet Dive- 1,500 PHP per person



  • Jet Ski- 2,300 PHP – 30 Minutes per Unit Rental/ 4,000 PHP – 1 Hour per Unit Rental



  • Parasailing- 2,300 PHP per Person for Solo (15 Minutes)/ 1,700 PHP per Person for Double (15 Minutes)



  • Xtreme Fun Flyboarding- 4,300 PHP per Person (20 Minutes) Minimum of 3 Persons



  • Wind Surfing- Guaranteed sailing in 15 minutes, with tacking and wind theory./25 EUR 1 x 60-minute Lesson



  • Bandwagon- 500 PHP per Person (Minimum of 4 persons) 15 Minutes



  • Fly Fish- 750 PHP per Person (Minimum of 3 Persons) 15 Minutes



  • Banana Boat- 300 PHP per Person (Minimum of 5 Persons) 15 Minutes



  • Paraw Sailing- 1,000 PHP for 1-2 Persons/ 1,500 PHP for 3-4 Persons


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