Hundred Islands, Travel Guide: Island Activities and Rates


Hundred Islands is one of the best places that I have visited, perfect for summer gate away, diving, snorkeling, couple bonding for it is known to its wonderful scenery composing of 123 islands and islets. Three Islands are among the best known and developed that most tourist are likely to visit because of its stunning features namely; Governor’s Islands, Quezon Islands and Children’s Islands.


How to get there:

If you are from Manila and have no car to drive to get there, I suggest you commute thru bus from Cubao, you may want to board a bus bound to Alaminos, Pangasinan like Victory Liner. It will take you approximately five hours to get there, fare ranges from P400-500 pesos. Once you get to Lucap Terminal you have to ride a tricycle heading to Lucap wharf the jump-off for island hopping. Another option is to hire a Van if you’ll come in a team of more than 5 persons, the cost of the van is about P4, 500.00 depending on your negotiation with driver, the Van can accommodate up to 15 persons this is for UV express van type like the one that have we rented out. In our trip, the van driver had waited and stayed with us until we get home with that price. Just make an early departure so you will arrive there before 5:30 in the afternoon because the boats are only allowed to carry passengers to island only until 5:30 pm if you can’t make it just stay in there and look for a Hotel or a transient house to stay at overnight.


Where to stay:

 There are many hotels to stay at Alaminos if you want, but if your budget is tight you can rent a house near the pier where you can easily walk when you are going to the island hopping. I knew of a person who is offering an overnight accommodation thru his house. His name is Jerry. The house was offered to us for P2, 500.00 pesos only this has three rooms that were enough to accommodate up to 15 persons the house was huge enough for us to accommodate. Air-conditioned, materials are included in our payment. Below is the details of the house accommodation and rates of equipment for rental.

Hundred Islands accommodation


House Materials For Rent:

House Materials

Above mentioned materials are included in our rent during in our stay at their house.

He also offers equipment for rental when you go for island hopping.

Here are the rates of the equipment:


Swimming Materials For Rent:

Swimming Materials

Tent for Rent:


Jerry can be reached at the following numbers:

  • 0930-037-6837
  • 0910-639-3707

I am not an affiliate to this person and I don’t earn commission by referring him in my post, we just met once. It’s just that his services are good and cheaper compare to others. Please note that the numbers appear above may change in the future and can’t be able to update that unless he will find this post and contact me for some changes on his contact number.



Amounts are in pesos, as of year 2015

Quezon Island

Other Islands



Boat Rate

*Boats are available in the Lucap Pier.

*Regular Boat covers islands hopping limited to three islands including: Quezon Island, Governor’s Island and Children’s Island. 20 minutes only per island, just choose one island were you opt to stay and the boat will leave you and will be there to fetch you upon agreed time.

*Service Boat covers island hopping to all islands you want to visit including caves and coral garden. No time limit and the boat will stay to you until you finish your Hundred Islands journey.

Hundred Islands boat




Environmental Fee Day Tour Overnight
Per Person Php40.00 Php80.00



  1.  FREE–  5 Years old and below.
  2.  DISCOUNT– 20% for Senior Citizen/PWD.

*Discounts are implemented on environmental fee ONLY.


For more information please visit the official website of  Alaminos City, Pangasinan.

If you think I missed something please don’t hesitate to comments below your suggestion and questions or if you find this post helpful please let everyone knows by sharing it to your Facebook or Twitter wall.


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