Playa Calatagan Residences in Batangas

Landco Pacific Corporation brings to you V I L L A G E at Playa Calatagan Residences

A 62 Hectare Prime Leisure Development in Calatagan, Batangas.
Playa Calatagan Village is a residential subdivision located at the most prime location in Calatagan,
just 200 meters away from the beach.

Life's a Beach and more...
It's where you meet the sun.
It's the laughter on the water
It's stories over barbecues.
It's what your family calls home.

Playa Calatagan is an active beach community that captures the best of nature,
culture and history, to give you the perfect holiday, everyday.

Lot Offerings:

Lot area: 250sqm to 600sqm
Price Range: ​14,200​/sqm to ​22,000​/sqm


Beach Clubhouse
Bamboo Park
Amphitheater Park
Central Park
Hilltop Clubhouse


Aquaria Beach Resort
Best swimming beach in Calatagan
525 meters of fine white sand
Accessibility to nearby landmarks
1.5 hours drive from Tagaytay
2.5 hours drive from Manila
Excellent views of West Philippine Sea
Rolling to gradually sloping terrain


Beach Clubhouse and Infinity Pool
Away from the distractions of the outside world. We're providing you intimate time with your family and friends. Go for a swim and relax at the pool cabana anytime. Enjoy the perks of Playa Calatagan at your own pace.

River Pool​
Bamboo Park
Get a dose of nature where bamboo plants line the park...Here is a natural canopy perfect for quiet strolls.
Amphitheater Park
Sometimes you're just throwing a frisbee or reading a book under a sprawling shade. And sometimes you're throwing a big surprise bash or getting together with the neighbors. This is the park where everyone comes together to enjoy the outdoors.

Aquaria Resort as part of Leisure Tourism Estate

Aquaria Resort Entrance

Swimming Pools, Giant Slide and Beach Activities
Giant Slide

Get ready to enjoy the beach like never before. Have your very own beach house and be part of
Playa Calatagan's community.

Before you know it, Life is fun again!


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