Tuscany Private Estates: Rent To Own Condo in Taguig City.



  1. WISE INVESTMENT- The value of its unit appreciates over time.
  1. ADVANTAGE OF PROPERTY OWNERSHIP- Ownership transfer is smooth and immediate.
  1. UNPARALLELED AFTER- SALES SERVICE-Our quality services are a testament of our long lasting devotion to excellence.
  1. HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE- Materials used are of high caliber, coupled with a prompt and excellent maintenance service.
  1. TOP-NOTCH AMENITIES- Whether it’s a pool, a park or a gym, each facility will please every owner’s interest.
  1. LUXURY OF COMFORT- Moving in to your new home has never been this easy.
  1. PRESTIGE LIVING- Our free interior design services let you decide how luxurious your unit can get.
  1. LIFESTYLE CONVENIENCE- ‘RFO’ units are located in Megaworld townships, so all your needs are within reach.
  1. GUARANTEED SECURITY- Excellent service won’t be complete without the utmost security.
  1. CLEAN AND HEALTHY LIVING- Surrounded by lush greenery, the development recreates that fresh, ambient feel in an urban setting.
  1. PRIME LOCATIONS- Location really matters, so we’ve built our properties only in Metro Manila’s premiere spots.


  • Convenience
  • Protection & Peace of Mind
  • Added Value Services
  • Ready For Occupancy (RFO) with Lease to Own Terms
  • Free Interior Design Services
  • Leasing and Resale
  • Management Services


You will be given the free hand to personalize your future condo unit/s with the help of professional in-house stylists and interior designers. If you have an interior design in mind for your newly-bought RFO unit, we can make it happen. Rather, you may choose from the various designs that the group is offering: Zen, Contemporary, Victorian, Filipino, Industrial, and the newly introduced Balinese, Classic Chic, Modern Eclectic, among others.

Arreo Realty Exchange Inc. Paint-Design Tuscany Private Estates: Rent To Own Condo in Taguig City.

Arreo Realty Exchange Inc. Tuscany-private-estate-mckinley-hill Tuscany Private Estates: Rent To Own Condo in Taguig City.

Tuscany Private Estates

Raise a toast to the timeless beauty of Italy’s Tuscany and celebrate its charmed ambiance in your residence at The Tuscany Private Estate in Mckinley Hill. Rekindle intimacy with life in this picturesque village along Upper Mckinley Road where everything exquisite surrounds you and where you bask in the languor of tranquil days. The romance of balmy nights and the lushness of nature’s bounty.

All the splendor, all the enchantment.

Splendido Incantato. This is Tuscany, the most beautiful region in Italy. A fertile land, Tuscany is blessed with rolling plains and valleys, mountains and an expanse of clay hills and woods.  All around, the countryside is a breathtaking sight. Oak, cypress and evergreen trees embrace old stone villas and farmhouses in soft amber and yellow hues. Vineyards bursting with grapes are interspersed with olive groves and fields of grain and sunflowers. And from the rustic roadsides, poppies, lilacs ad forsythias wave merrily at passersby. The grand scenery invites locals and tourist alike to gather around outdoor tables. Indulge in bruschetta, the freshest pecorino cheeses, cannellini beans or the hearty bisctecca Fiorentina. To sip free-flowing wines of the finest vintage and share in the sheer wonder of the Tuscan experience.

In Florence, Tuscany’s capital, the works of the Maestros-from sculpture and painting to architecture and literature –have stood the test of time. From Michelangelo’s David to Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. From Brunelleschi’s Cathedral of Florence to Alighieri’s epic poem, The Divine Comedy.

In the city of Carrara, quarries yield marble, valued above all other stone, in white and blue-gray and in the medieval towns of Montalcino and Montepulciano, Gothic and Renaissance buildings emerge proudly from the landscape.

From all this grandeur, the Tuscany Private Estate takes shape. Your very own address inspired by everything extraordinary about Tuscany and inspiring you to live passionately every single day.

Arreo Realty Exchange Inc. upper-mckinley-hill Tuscany Private Estates: Rent To Own Condo in Taguig City.

A Village of Art

The Tuscany Private Estate influenced by the artistic heritage that has made Tuscany’s “Cities of Art” –Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano unforgettable. Crowning your gated 1.5 hectare village are seven Tuscan-Mediterranean-style residential clusters majestic with their stone detailing and elegant arches varying rooflines and divers facades in festive hues. A captivating spectacle is the seventh cluster, which towers 17 stories above the other buildings.

About a fifth of your enclave is dedicated to giardini and greenery a tribute to nature’s generous beauty. Evident in the verdant park and courtyards with fountains and the lush trees that greet you everywhere you turn.

Come home to where art weaves itself into the tapestry of everyday living The Tuscany Private Estate.

Bask in Patrician Pleasures

Discover la vita Toscana at home. Where time slows down to a dreamy pace at the ground level of Cluster 7 is Isola Toscana, where play amenities-fit for the sophisticated-are graciously laid out. Outside, immerse yourself in the sparkling waters of a variety of pools. Soak some sun  at the sunbathing lounge. Bond with loved ones at the minigolf area and playground and live in healthy harmony with nature at the lagoon and Parco Bello, park with a charming pon but that’s not all. Inside are a spa/sauna, massage room, gym, function room, playroom and music room. Reserved for your exclusive enjoyment.

For the sights and sounds of a lively streetscape, stroll down covered walkways to Clusters 1, 3 and 5 along Upper Mckinley Road at the ground level, a retail row combines specialty stores and restaurants inspired by Tuscany’s trattorias and pizzerias.

All the comforts of a Princely Villa

Indulge in the princely luxury enjoyed by Italy’s famed medieval families-but with a modern flavor. Welcome to the Tuscany Private Estate.

Each villa-style residence invites you to lay back and leave your cares behind. Here, there are units that suit every taste. Choose from an executive studio to a suite with one to three bedrooms. Or from a one-bedroom loft to a two-level, three-bedroom home at the penthouse, bring the outdoors in with wide windows and balconies and enjoy nature’s splendor right where you are.

Your home efficiently meets your needs with an array of conveniences. Round-the-clock security an intercom with security camera in each unit. Two internet-ready telephone lines and a provision for cable TV. Enjoy continuous water supply and backup power, too. A reliable fire protection system. Multiple parking at the basement and a total of 11 passenger elevators.

Embrace a world free from worry. Right here at the Tuscany Private Estate.

Beauty from an illustrious past

Take a delightful journey through time and discover beauty undimmed by the centuries. Behold the Ponte Vecchio, a four-level edifice inspired by the regal Ponte Vecchio, Florence’s oldest and most famous bridge admire eras past with its historic design, complete with segmented arches.  Aside from hosting residential units, the Ponte Vecchio connects to the second and third levels of Cluster 3. A driveway beneath its archway leads to the other residential clusters.

What’s more, you can enjoy Tuscany’s world-renowed vintage-from the Chiante to the Morellino di Scanso and Brunello di Montalcino-right at home. Your clubhouse hosts a European-style wine cellar. So you can store your bottles of fine vino or take them out for a wine tasting with fellow connoisseurs.

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Development Features and Highlights

  • Tuscan-Mediterranean-style residential clusters
  • Exterior finish features stone details, elegant arches and festive hues
  • Cluster are of varying roof levels

Arrival Are/Entrance

  • Gate with elegant wrought iron grillwork
  • Arrival court with special paving pattern
  • Retail row at the ground level

One-Bedroom Executive Unit

  • Master’s bedroom with built-in closet and toilet/bath
  • Spacious kitchen with mechanical ventilation
  • Roomy living/dining area

Two-Bedroom Unit

  • Master’s bedroom with walk-in closet and toilet/bath
  • Bedroom 1 with built-in closet
  • Spacious kitchen with mechanical ventilation
  • Common toilet and bath
  • Roomy living/dining area
  • Well ventilated utility area for washer and dryer
  • Maid’s room with separate toilet

Three-Bedroom Unit

  • Master’s bedroom with walk-in closet and toilet/bath with bath tub
  • Bedroom 1 and 2 with built-in closet
  • Spacious kitchen with mechanical ventilation
  • Common toilet and bath
  • Roomy living/dining area
  • Well ventilated utility area for washer and dryer
  • Maid’s room with separate toilet

Typical Residence Features

  • Prefabricated kitchen cabinet system
  • Stainless-steel kitchen sink
  • Solid-surface lavatory countertop
  • Ceramic tiles for toilet/bath floors and walls
  • Wood plank laminated flooring for bedrooms and living/diving area
  • Exhaust duct system for toilet/bath and kitchen
  • Provision for hot and cold water supply lines (excluding water heater)
  • Individual mail boxes with keys
  • Provision for cable TV lines
  • Provision for two telephone lines per unit
  • Individual Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT)

Ground Floor Features

  • Grand lobby information area
  • A total of 11 high-speed, interior-finished passenger elevators
  • Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring for selected common areas
  • Intercom security system connecting reception/security counter to al units
  • Security command center for 24-hour monitoring of all building facilities
  • Mail room for each cluster

Recreational Amenities/Facilities

  • 15-meter lap pool with paved sunbathing lounge
  • Children’s playground
  • Lagoon park
  • Fitness center
  • Male and female changing/shower rooms
  • Function room/playroom/day care center

Building facilities/services

  • 24-hour security service with controlled entry points
  • Automatic heat/smoke detection and fire sprinkler system for all units
  • Annunciator panel with emergency speaker at parking floors
  • Overhead tank and underground cistern for ample water supply
  • Standby power generator for selected floors

Multi-Level Carpark

  • Multi-level basement parking
  • Controlled access and 24-hour security

Arreo Realty Exchange Inc. Tuscany-Map Tuscany Private Estates: Rent To Own Condo in Taguig City.


Arreo Realty Exchange Inc. Lease-to-own-642x371 Tuscany Private Estates: Rent To Own Condo in Taguig City.


Days to process Documents needed to comply to move in
1 Reservation
2-15 CTBS, Taxes and Fees & Down Payment
16-30 Punch list, MIC/Turn over


UNIT SIZE 64.5 sqm
UNIT PRICE 9,307,350.00
LEASE TO OWN | 10-10(24)-80
  Percentage No. of Months TCP Breakdown Payment/Month
Unit Price     9,307,350.00
Down Payment 10%        930,735.00  –
Reservation Fee          25,000.00             25,000.00
Net Down Payment 1        905,735.00           905,735.00
Monthly Amortizations 10% 24          38,780.63             38,780.63
Balance 80% 1     7,445,880.00        7,445,880.00
Total Contract Price 100% 26     9,307,350.00        9,307,350.00
* Exclusive of Taxes & Fees
** Portion of the Taxes & Fees should be paid before MIC request
0 Jan-16 25,000.00 Reservation Fee
1 Jan-16 905,735.00 Down Payment
2 Feb-16 38,780.63 1st Monthly Amortization
3 Mar-16 38,780.63 2nd Monthly Amortization
4 Apr-16 38,780.63 3rd Monthly Amortization
5 May-16 38,780.63 4th Monthly Amortization
6 Jun-16 38,780.63 5th Monthly Amortization
7 Jul-16 38,780.63 6th Monthly Amortization
8 Aug-16 38,780.63 7th Monthly Amortization
9 Sep-16 38,780.63 8th Monthly Amortization
10 Oct-16 38,780.63 9th Monthly Amortization
11 Nov-16 38,780.63 10th Monthly Amortization
12 Dec-16 38,780.63 11th Monthly Amortization
13 Jan-17 38,780.63 12th Monthly Amortization
14 Feb-17 38,780.63 13th Monthly Amortization
15 Mar-17 38,780.63 14th Monthly Amortization
16 Apr-17 38,780.63 15th Monthly Amortization
17 May-17 38,780.63 16th Monthly Amortization
18 Jun-17 38,780.63 17th Monthly Amortization
19 Jul-17 38,780.63 18th Monthly Amortization
20 Aug-17 38,780.63 19th Monthly Amortization
21 Sep-17 38,780.63 20th Monthly Amortization
22 Oct-17 38,780.63 21st Monthly Amortization
23 Nov-17 38,780.63 22nd Monthly Amortization
24 Dec-17 38,780.63 23rd Monthly Amortization
25 Jan-18 38,780.63 24th Monthly Amortization
26 Feb-18 7,445,880.00  Turn Over Balance
TOTAL 9,307,350

Move In Requirements


  • upon clearing of full-payment
  • upon clearing of taxes and fees
  • with signed DAS
  • RWQC (if necessary)
  • Note: pending receipt of the said documents, MIC will not be processed.


Lease To Own: 

  • upon clearing of at least 5%-10% payments
  • upon clearing of RET & MERALCO
  • complete PDC’s including BTO check taxes and fees
  • signed contract, proforma and letter to admin
  • RQWC ( if necessary)
  • Note: pending receipt of the said documents, MIC will not be processed.


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